VanGo Frame & Art is a unique mobile art service and division of the David Barnett Gallery, which has been in the downtown Milwaukee area for over 50 years. By appointment or at your convenience, one of our expert consultants will come to your home or office for a free presentation and consultation for art selection, framing and lighting. We will bring a wonderful selection of art in a wide variety of styles, media and prices for your consideration and selection. We offer interior design advice to integrate your artwork into your space.

The concept of VanGo Frame & Art started in 1984 and was born out of countless years of experience in the art gallery and picture framing business. I have learned that many people find it helpful to view art work and framing in the actual space it will be placed, and our service allows you to do so effectively and efficiently by bringing the artwork directly to your home or office.
— David J Barnett, President